Parivaar is a presentation of the two classical music traditions of India – the Carnatic tradition from the South, and the Hindustani tradition from the North – performed on the violin by the legendary virtuosi, Prof. T. N. Krishnan and Dr. N. Rajam.

This new 2-CD album features the two maestros performing their respective musical forms separately on the first disc and together in "jugalbandhi" on the second disc. The listeners are treated to a musical collage of raagas including bairaagi bhairav, sri ranjani, desh, sindu bhairavi, aahir bhairav, behaag, darbaari kaanada, jaijaiwanti, and kaapi.

Together with the master percussionists Guruvayoor Dorai on the Mridangam, Vaikom Gopalakrishnan on the Ghatam, and Aditya Kalyanpur on the Tabla, Krishnan and Rajam weave a rich and intricate musical tapestry of the melodies and rhythms of India.